Drawing Boards Elemental Spirits Fire Salamander Skateboard Deck

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Salamander Elemental spirits fire salamander 

The "Elemental Spirits" date back to the 16th century ..

I have used the elemental triangles on each deck along with the compass at the top showing each direction when calling in the spirits ... 

This one is the Fire Salamander ..

This series has been verified by an actual Shaman .. Gotta do it right !! 

The East is Fire (Aries in astrology starts on the spring Equinox) light new day, beginning Spirit. 
Concave - Standard 

  • Drawing Boards Deck - Brighton 
  • Deck" length - 32.0 - Wheelbase - 14.50"
  • Standard Concave
  • Standard 7-Ply
  • Free Grip
  • Free Stickers