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Soundboy Skateboards

Our Story is a very similar one with the current situation in the world with lock downs , restrictions , Corona virus .

In 2020 Me and a couple of close friends had this idea we could start a little company up supplying our local peoples with our T shirts for something to keep us going and in high spirits through the dark times we have recently been experiencing .

From selling a few T shirts Through social media and local community events we soon realized we have an opportunity to showcase our artwork and dedication to skateboarding which is a massive passion our circle ..

then soundboy skateboards was born we are very musically orientated which is where our name came from .

All Our Artwork is Created By Myself (Jak )

(Tayzart promotions)

Along with the help from all our Rad Friends and design team !!

bringing Multiple passions and brains Together into one big Family ..

Our aim is to work with anyone and everyone we possible can to keep spreading awareness that skateboarding is a life changing movement and not your average lifestyle .

meeting amazing people and talent humans along the way as well as learning life skills that are Very important to a sustainable future .

Being affordable and Quality is main Ethos and focus Being Available to everyone and spreading the skateboard love around the coast and beyond !!

Big loves to all those supporting us

Keep shredding X


Independent Grassroots Company

Supplying Quality , Affordable Skate attire and Other cool items ..

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